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Medallion Suite

Medallion is a business-driven, integrated custodian solution. The suite consists of modular products seamlessly integrated and provides one smooth, flexible and efficient end-to-end workflow. Each of these modules can also be deployed separately according to business needs.

Discover how Simian can help you and your company achieve higher returns while saving time, improving productivity, reduce cost and eliminate risk. Medallion is the investment management software solution that can help asset management organizations become more adaptable, responsive and profitable.

Comprehensive and Modular
Medallion offers comprehensive functional and technical coverage of investment management processes within a single platform (Medallion Platform). By means of straight through processing, Medallion offers transparent and efficient workflows, allowing clients to reduce cost and mitigate risk. To enable growth, complete modularity and scalability permits new challenges or opportunities to be addressed as they arise, simply by activating the appropriate function and instrument modules. In this way, Medallion can be tailored to support and provide intelligent workflows, safely, efficiently and fast – as required now and in the future.

Key Features

Customer Centric
Medallion works on customer as the central view of data. A customer can either be a custodian client or investor or both. Each customer is linked to their custodian accounts, bank accounts and investment accounts.

Medallion also supports customer group, where customers with common link can be grouped into customer groups for ease of maintenance.

Detailed Securities Information
Our securities information covers a wide range of security types & sub types which have different behaviors. The securities information details include valuation method, multiple market price, amortization method and depository code, which is designed to support PSAK 50/55 requirements.

Fully Parameterized
Most parts of the system are parameterized and can be customized by the client. This allows the system to be able to grow with the business needs. Parameterization allows the user to make changes to the system without the need to modify the program.

User Defined Fields
User defined fields are available in customer and securities information. This allows the client to add additional fields to capture information related to customer or securities information.

Supports End-To-End Business Flow
Front office operations, portfolio management, trading and compliance functions are seamlessly integrated to easily manage multiple and complex portfolios with speed and confidence. Based on a complete front office transaction history, middle office risk management can be fully integrated with requirements for performance measurement, to show the current state of a business at all times. For subsequent back office procedures, Medallion can handle the full post trade processing cycle, as well as all related operational processes, such as corporate actions, regulatory and client reporting, and fund accounting.

Each asset management organization is different in its own way. Medallion is therefor designed to have the flexibility to cater to different needs of each organization. Its modularity and scalability allows Medallion to be easily customized and adjusted to accommodate current and future business needs.