"Our mission is to serve the banking and financial industry, through technology services, to increase operational productivity and profitability"

Simian Group is a trustworthy and reliable technology holding company providing world- class technology solutions and services for Indonesian banking and financial industry. A fast-growing company headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, we aim to be a one-stop shop for all our clients’ IT needs.

Our team has over 15 years experience providing technology solutions and services to companies ranging from the government sector to banking and manufacturing industry. As such, we have a deep knowledge and understanding of how technology services can aid, assist, and improve clients in the transformation to a high-performance organization.

Our broad range of solutions for the banking and financial industry provide scalable and robust technology for better productivity.

In addition, we focus on offering world-class and reputable banking management information system (MIS) services with discipline ranging from business intelligence and analytics to budgeting planning, activity-based costing and data warehousing (ETL).

Ultimately, our goal is to be the preferred technology services partner in Indonesia.

  • Why Simian

Clients look to Simian in order to access scalable, robust and world-class solutions and services.

  • Banking Expertise

With over 15 years serving the banking and financial industry, we gain valuable knowledge and established ourselves as reliable and trusted IT partner.

  • Experienced team with proven track record

With Simian services, clients enjoy fast deployment and low project risk. In particular, our experienced team and proven deployment best practices allows clients to manage cost and control risks all at the same time.

  • Readiness to grow

Simian as a partner for banks and financial institutions is ready and prepared to support client business growth through supporting applications, infrastructure and human resources.

  • Access to the latest knowledge and technology

Through us, clients enjoy access to world-class applications and are able to leverage the latest technological advances to become more efficient and effective.

  • Who can use our soiutions and services

Regardless of your size and requirements, Simian caters to all types of banking and financial institutions, delivering solutions and services that range from basic core investment banking application to sophisticated banking and financial services needs.

Our ready-to-use software modules are highly scabable so that as clients expand and develop, they can simply select the right module to support their new needs. Such modularity means that clients of all sizes can find services to fit their requirements.

  • Empowerment through transfer knowledge and enablement

We believe in making sure that are clients are self-sufficient in utilizing our solutions by providing hands-on training and enablement sessions.